$197.00 USD

Macro Tracking 101 Workshop

What are macros? How do I get started? Is this the key to flexible eating?!   

Let’s walk before we run and figure out how to track macros properly so we can get the flexibility we want, without throwing our goals to the side until 2023.  

In this two-week workshop we:

  • DEFINE what macro tracking really is
  • Put macros where our mouths are and start TRACKING
  • EXPLORE tools to manage macros
  • Provide tips for HEALTHY SWAPS that maximize daily goals
  • GUIDE  you through setting goals for weight maintenance or loss

Get started with a new tool to track your nutrition and see how you are really fueling your body. 

Workshop kicks off December 5, 2022. Limit one coupon code per customer. Non-refundable, non-transferable.