$1,297.00 USD

I am choosing to participate in this program and understand that I am fully responsible for my own personal accountability, personal safety, and results. By signing this agreement, I agree that any and all parts of this program, including, but not limited to, all written, oral and electronically transmitted information, cannot and will not be shared, sold, copied, posted, distributed and/or disseminated in any manner without written prior approval from Bonnie Lefrak. 
This agreement also covers all information on social media including Facebook.
I understand that my participation in this program can and will be terminated if I breach this agreement at any time as determined at the sole discretion of Bonnie Lefrak.
I further understand that such action will by agreement be construed as causing irreparable harm and the basis for legal action and you further agree to indemnify any and all costs incurred in taking legal action, including, but not limited to, attorney fees. I understand that this is a binding contract.
Additionally, I have completed a waiver of liability and am medically cleared to exercise and participate in this program. I further understand that this is not a medically based or medically supervised program. It is always recommended that you seek and consult with your medical provider before engaging in any type of exercise program. 
I understand that there are no refunds or transferring of funds allocated for this program.
If you commit and/or work with another team and/or entity that would be classified as a industry competitor with The Fitness Asylum Team, you will be removed from the team and all the benefits/resources that the team is entitled to immediately without the written consent of Bonnie Lefrak.

Spring 2023 The Bikini Competition Team (Pay In Full)

Join The Fitness Asylum Bikini Competition Team for Spring 2023! Our dedicated team provides expert-level training and guidance to bring you to the next level of both fitness and weight loss.  Get access to the complete Bikini Competition Team program. Includes 20+ weeks of program material and coaching guidance.  From diet and exercise, to posing and competition presentation, The Fitness Asylum team prepares you to take the stage with confidence and pride. 

*Program materials and coaching assignments will be available to view the weekend of kickoff, January 22, 2022.

What you'll get:

  • 20+ Weeks of Coaching & Support 
  • Expert Contest Diet & Reverse Diet Plans
  • Weekly Exercise Guidelines
  • 1:1 Weekly online check-ins 
  • Expert-level Peak Week Plan support
  • Show Day Support 
  • Private community group 
  • Professional Before & After Photos 
  • Discounts on InBody Scans, Supplements and more!
  • Team branded tank top

PLUS! Save $50 on the 10-week posing package when you purchase posing at program sign-up. You will have access to purchase a posing package after you complete your enrollment here!